About Us


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen many local businesses being forced to close their doors to trade.

Some of these businesses, although not labelled 'essential', are cornerstones of our community and could continue to trade through delivery. Despite this, some of them do not have the digital infrastructure to allow them to do so and others are struggling to get the word out.

As a response to this problem, we want to offer a robust platform that will allow these charismatic businesses to continue their trade over potentially months of closure while offering them solutions to bolster their marketing.


Localburgh was conceived by a group of friends local to Edinburgh who are keen supporters of the local trades (particularly pubs!).

Designed and built by Checkpoint Media, a local marketing agency who has witnessed the effects of Covid-19 on both clients and local businesses alike. Together we have the skills and expertise to build and maintain a marketplace to support local trade, ensuring we come out of this with a stronger sense of community. 

A special thanks to the team at MKTPLACE who inspired the idea. 

We're not in this for the money. If we connect with fellow businesses in Edinburgh and manage to help in some way throughout this difficult time, then we'll count that as a success. 

Support Us

Thank you for your interest in supporting our local business initiative. At Localburgh we have a simple goal: connect locals with independent businesses and makers who need their support now more than ever.

We're currently seeking sponsors to allow our team to maintain the website. As with any digital platform, there are running costs associated with the upkeep of Localburgh. To allow us to dedicate our time to helping independent businesses in, we need help to cover our costs. 

As we are a new platform, we are starting with a simple promotional exchange offer that will improve as the platform does. For this exchange we will provide a selection of the following benefits for initial sponsors:

  • Sponsor backlink logo at the bottom of the home page
  • One blog post featuring your business and services
  • One social media post featuring your business
  • Sponsor backlink logo in footer of x number of emails

Please be in contact through our form HERE and we will gladly follow up with further details.

Alternatively if you would like to help fund the platform with a donation we welcome anyone to donate to Localburgh's GoFundMe campaign

Seller / Business Fees and Commission

Listing products and services

All products and services can be listed for free on Localburgh. We encourage sellers and makers to start by listing their top products to boost sales and provide communities with the products and services they require most.


In an effort to allow sellers to continue to deliver their products through their existing avenues - be it courier, personal delivery or royal mail services - we have a ‘free shipping’ option on our online marketplace.

We will not be drop-shipping products and it is up to the retailer to include the necessary shipping charges into their product pricing.

See FAQs for further details on setting up shipping. 

Transaction Fees

When you make a sale through localburgh.com, you will be charged a transaction fee of 3.2% + 30p of the price you display for each product plus the amount you charge for delivery. This fee covers credit card transaction fees of  to 2.2% + 20p per purchase as well as a commission to maintain platform costs.

Localburgh will be actively reviewing this fee structure to assure it is fair and sustainable for both parties.