Add Your Business


1) To sign-up, click on the link below:


2) Create an account: This will allow you access to the back-end of our website to add your own business and products.


3) Editing your business profile: Once you have created an account, you will now have access to the back-end of the website. Click on Profile > My Account to edit your business listing:

4) Uploading images: there are two sections where you can add a square image (pictured below). You can add the same image for both of these for simplicity.


5) Adding a store description: you can use the same store description in both of these sections.

Please tell potential customers about your business, how you're still serving the community during the pandemic, and any other bits you like. And you're more than welcome to link out to your own website too!


6) Fill out the rest of the information: adding your address, contact number, and other relevant information. If you don't have a seller policy or privacy policy on your website, you can just say "N/A" in this section.


7) Click SAVE CHANGES and your listing is now live!!  🎉


8) Want to make a change to your listing? Just click on the link below and login using the details used at sign-up:


9) Are you really stuck? Get in touch on the following email: