What is the Edinburgh Pub Project?

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen many local businesses being forced to close their doors to trade.

In times of social distancing, creatives are provided with the opportunity to create ‘an ode’ to their favourite local in Edinburgh. Be it a poem, a painting, a drawing, a rendering or other forms of artwork that pays tribute to their beloved space. 

Why are we doing this?

The Covid-19 crisis is obliterating Edinburgh’s hospitality sector. Pubs and cafes play a vital role in reducing loneliness and social isolation, providing a range of creative and community focused activities and services, as well as being an inclusive space for all.

Who can participate?

In Edinburgh, local artists are encouraged to support independent businesses by working together to help in the recovery of these essential creative hubs. We're inviting artists of all types to submit a painting, digital design, poem or sketch that captures their 'local' and what it means to them. 

The Edinburgh Pub Project will provide a platform where prints of the completed works will be put up for sale. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go towards supporting an artists nominated Edinburgh local and, in doing so, will raise the profile of both the establishment and the artist.

How does it work?

Artists will complete their art work following the Edinburgh Pub Project guidelines. Artists may submit a single piece of work to the form below. These artworks will be reviewed, formatted and published to the Localburgh.com website where we will host, maintain and manage sales of the artworks. Our team will batch print and organise distribution of the prints. The revenue from sales of the artwork will be split between the artist, venue and costs of printing, shipping and handling.

Ready to participate?

If we've piqued your interest and you're ready and willing to get involved, you can download our Edinburgh Pub Project welcome package here. This and the guidelines below will address any further questions regarding art format, fees and eligible businesses.



1. Select any Independent Edinburgh based pub, cafe or community venue to be featured in your artwork. 

2. Create your Artwork through sketch, digital rendering, painting or poem. The artwork should be created in a portrait format to be used on a A3 poster. 

3. Capture your artwork digitally using a scanner or digital camera. Images should be a minimum quality of 3500 pixels on the shortest side or 300 dpi. 

4. Upload your artwork to the form below being sure to include full details of your selected venue. *Note we keep the integrity of the original artwork, while setting it up for print. 

What happens next?

• We'll format your artwork into a poster or piece of merchandise.
• We'll contact you when we've uploaded your artwork so you can share and promote it. 
• We'll take orders for your artwork and send to printers in batches at our discretion in order to reduce admin and costs. 
• We'll only notify artists whose artwork has sold, when it sells.

• Payments will be made to artists and venues only once all costs and processing has completed.