Seller/Business FAQs

What will happen with the seller data, in case I remove the app from my store?

Once you remove/uninstall/delete the app from your Shopify store, all the data (related to sellers) will be deleted from our end within 2 days.


Does it cost anything to list my business?

No, we don't charge anyone to add their business. We encourage you to add your business even if you don't wish to sell through the platform. Hopefully we can raise awareness of the great work being done by independent businesses and direct traffic to you.

Do you charge a commission on sales?

Yes, we charge a commission on all sales.

This allows us to cover the costs of credit card transactions (2.2% +20 p) and maintain the website. On sales an individual business or vendor will pay 6.2% + 30p see further charges and shipping details here.

Once I sell a product how do I collect sales revenue?

In our Marketplace App, both admin and seller can generate an invoice from their respective ends. 

The invoice can be generated in three ways: 

  • Admin to Seller: Both admin & seller can print this invoice from their respective panels.
  • Seller to Customer: Seller can generate & print this invoice from his seller panel.
  • Seller Bulk Invoice: Seller can generate the invoices in bulk from the Order Listing section of his seller panel.

Once this invoice has been generated a transactions can be made to transfer funds via BACS or Paypal (coming soon).

We ask that vendors trading in large quantities request transfers at increments of £500 in sales. This will reduce transaction fees and minimise admin for our small Localburgh team. 

How do I set up shipping fees for my products?

We give all shops the control to manage their own shipping rates which allows each business to continue using the shipping solutions they already are (or to do personal deliveries).

For a detailed breakdown of how to setup your shipping rates watch this video.


Can the sellers add a tracking number for the order's shipping?

The sellers are liable to add a tracking number to the orders while fulfilling them from their seller panel. (Refer: https://qsnapnet.com/snaps/xvf9f76h1gk)


Can I offer Click + Collect options for customers?

We do not currently provide this as a solution, however we are constantly reviewing our integrations and if we get enough feedback we will make this available. Feature Requests

Can I request a Feature?

Yes, you can either email us at localburgh@gmail.com - reach out through our contact us page or visit our public roadmap to request a feature directly (coming soon).